Oil landscapes painted on location

These works are painted on boards right on location. I love the challenge of painting on location because I have to deal with reality, the ever changing landscape, the light, the changing weather conditions, and just being there.


After the snow storm 18"x24" $ 4600.00 unframed



Donkersly Beach, 18"x24" $4600.00 unframed




Mount Baker and Victoria, 24"X30" $ 4800.00 unframed


Added August 1, 2007, 16x20 oils


Chasing the Moon, Malaspina Strait $ 4200.00 unframed


Early Morning, Mount Baker $ 4200.00 unframed


Goose Spit from the sand bluffs, $ 4200.00 unframed


The Mill from Valantine Mountain $ 4200.00 unframed


Optical Illusion Islands, Malaspina Strait $ 4200.00 unframed


Over Comox $ 4200.00 unframed


Summer, Cranberry Lake $ 4200.00


Summer's End $ 4200.00 unframed


Sunset, Brew Bay $ 4200.00 unframed


Windy Day, Brew Bay $ 4200.00 unframed


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