Night Scenes

I love painting on location at night. The challenge of using available light, getting the tone values right but perhaps with surprises finding different colours on the canvas and paper because I couldn't quite make out the hue on my pallet in the dark. I love light reflections across water. Buildings lit up at night look inviting and comforting as small pockets of humanity in the darkness. Silhouettes of trees in the dark or anything for that matter offer interesting challenges in design. The moon, stars and boats plying the waters with their running lights are all night inspirations for me.



St. Anne du Beauprés
30" x 41 ", watercolour and oil pastel. $ 4000.00 CDN unframed



Leaving Queen Charlotte

30"x41" watercolour and oil pastel. $ 4000.00 CDN unframed



Victoria and Mount Baker, 18"x24" oil $ 4600.00 CDN unframed



Nanaimo waterfront by night, 8"x10" oil $ 900.00 CDN unframed



City of Nanaimo at night, 16"x20" oil $ 4200.00 CDN unframed


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