Other Art related Interests


I do stained glass commissions and teach copper foil stainded glass. I have experience in lead, copper foil and laminating.

Recent private residence commisssion: 52"x30"copper foil.



18"x18" leaded stained glass designed to capture west setting sun light for my studio.



I was a ceramic technician 33 some years ago in highschool and I took ceramics in art college. I'm currently setting up a ceramic studio inside and outside of our home. Inside is where hand building and throwing with a kick wheel plus clay and chemicals are stored. Outside will be for the electric kiln for stonewear and propane kiln for raku as well as the pugging and clay recycling area.

I am an amateur photographer with a darkroom that could be used for developing and printing black and white but my digital printer and camera have taken it's place. I still use my 30 year old Pentex MX with macro, wide angle and 300 mm telophoto lenses. This Christmas I recieved a wonderful surprise present from my wife, a digital SLR Pentex camera. It is quickly taking the place of my old 35mm Pentex ME. My wife is always commenting that I look like a tourist every place I go because my camera is always slung over my shoulder. But if it wasn't there, how could I take pictures?

I started a flash video based upon a book I wrote and illustrated. It died in my old computer when that computer died. This winter I hope to resurect this project and to start other on-line video projects including adding several TV interviews.

I trained as a signwriter in 1976-7 at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario and after a short stint with Canada's Conklin Shows struck out on my own. I retired from signwriting after 20 years when I moved to Powell River as I felt I couldn't compete with computer generated vinal cut signs. I recently came out of retirement and I'm operating a custom hand lettered sign business again.

Due to the high cost of wooden frames for works on boards or canvas I now make my own frames. I still purchase precut metal frames and cut my own matting for works on paper and photographs.

I enjoy music and I'm a beginner on the Great Highland Pipes (see links page for three great pipe sites) and I'm also taking trombone lessons.

I'm playing kitchen pipes with Jerry on shuttle pipes. I'm playing trombone with my daughter on cello.


I took a course in web design in 2004 and get lost in my computer on occasion....


And I play at landscaping on our 5 acreas using found objects and recycled items to create sculptures and water gardens like this

water garden made from two satelite dishes. The water is pumped underground from the large dish to higher smaller dish and over flows through the spillways back to the large dish. The upper dish is the "marsh" and the lower dish is home to five large Koi, one shubunkin and about thirty gold fish.



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