Baroque & Blue

This selection of watercolours interpreting music are from an exhibition titled Baroque&Blue, music from Claude Bollings Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio. In total there are 13 paintings ranging in size from 22"x30" to 30"x198". The larger works are not displayed, only the 22"x30" paintings. These works are framed under plexi glass, acid free matts, barrier paper and tape with metal frames and retail for $ 2850.00, unframed $ 2600.00.






















The four paintings marked with * were exhibited by,inc. at the 2007 Art Expo in Las Vegas. The following explanation describes the creative process how I interpret music.


Music Interpretation


I interpret music using water colour and oil pastels. The oil pastels represent the instruments playing the music. After listening to the recording I'm interpreting I chose the colour of the oil pastel for each instrument in that recording. If there is more than one instrument of the same kind, i.e. two trumpets or more, one colour represents the two or more trumpets. I then from top right to left going across the paper and then down each line I use a calligraphic like mark to interpret the trumpet. I do this for each instrument until I feel I've captured the rhythm and colour or sound of all the instruments. Then I listen again to the music for the colour the entire piece evokes. Then I paint, again from top right to left (I think it's because I'm left handed) in water colour the representation of the colour or feelings the entire composition evokes in me. Sometimes I “see” the colour in my mind other times it's an intuitive act for choosing the colours.


I have worked with composers in the past; interpreting their compositions for them as well I've been commissioned to paint music for patrons. Many composers have said that they can read my paintings like a score. I have also had several people claim to be able to hear music while looking at my work.


I give workshops on my music interpretation method and have had one major exhibition, Baroque & Blue, which toured five public galleries in northern BC in 1995-1996 sponsored by the BC government with a traveling exhibition grant. These four paintings, Sereine#1, Fugace, Javanaise and Veloce are from that exhibition. Baroque & Blue was inspired by Claude Bolling's Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio.




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