Alfred Muma: Artist Statement

I paint for purely selfish reasons, to express the need deep inside of me to create and to communicate those wordless feelings of the beauty of life and nature that swell up within me from time to time.

I don't paint pretty pictures for people just to look at, rather images demands the viewer use their imagination and emotions to become involved within themselves.

My inspiration comes from Nature, music, people and from contemplative silence.

I hope that my paintings are friendly enough to allow two events to happen. First, to invite the viewer into the picture and to explore it, and second, to remove the viewer from their daily reality to experience something totally different within themselves at that moment.

Silence is very important for me as it is a place where I can go to be myself and to learn. The white of the paper or canvas that I leave is that image's Silence. That Silence belongs to whoever is viewing it at that moment and whoever will allow themselves to participate within it.

Colour is important to me because it is the means of expressing my emotions while painting.

There is a lot of colour and energy in music - sometimes I wish I were a composer and musician as well as a painter, but I guess I'll have to be content with painting music.

The brush stroke in my paintings is equally important as colour, as it is the energy release during the activity of painting.

When I paint landscapes I only paint that part of the scene which is inspiring me. If one cloud out of ten speaks to me I don't paint the other nine.

Art or rather the creation of Art is a lot of hard work - most people aren't aware of this fact.

If part of the artist's role is to show the public the current problems in our society and what the future has in store as a result of those problems, then I say that the other part of the artist's role is to show positive answers or solutions to those problems. A few artists are starting to understand this "new" responsibility. I feel that it's time that artists take a positive approach.


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